Luciana Lusso Roveto



After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, she began her career as a dancer, director and choreographer studying dance with Elsa Piperno, Nicoletta Giavotto, Boris Nikish, Lucia Latour and attending internships led by Malou Airaudo, Felix Ruckert, Finola Cronin, Dominique Mercy, Beatrice Libonati, Jim May, Damiano Ottavio Bigi. He attends stages of oriental dance techniques with Tapa Sudana.

She studies acting with Vittorio Gassman, Marisa Fabbri, Dominic de Fazio.

He trained as a trainer of Gyrotonic with Pietro Gagliardi, Silvia Frosali

In theater she worked with G.Cobelli, A.Zucchi, N.De Tollis, L.Biondi, G.Montaldo, G.Proietti, U.Gregoretti, M.Missiroli, H.Yamanouchi, F.Ricordi, J.Savary.

In cinema with F.Fellini (La città delle donne – La nave va) F. Brusati (il buon soldato

P. Sorrentino (La grande bellezza)

In TV: T. Shermann (i ragazzi del muretto) – I. Leoni (Un medico in famiglia).

In 1980 she made her debut as an actress and dancer in the show Basilio e l’amico Metro directed by A. Zucchi at the Teatro Argentina in Rome

She curates choreographies within fiction, films, shows, operas such as:

1991: Turandot Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

1992: Carmen, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Teatro dell’Acquario, Roma

1992: Schiaccianoci Teatro Brancaccio

1993: Il ballo delle ingrate, regia I. Nunziata, Festival di Spoleto

1995: Romeo e Gilietta, regia F. Ricordi, Teatro Ghione, Roma

2001: Amleto, regia F. Ricordi, Teatro Ghione, Roma

2002: I ragazzi del muretto, regia T. Shermannn

2003: Medico in Famiglia, regia I. Leoni

2004: Edipo Re, regia F. ricordi, Teatro stabile dell’Aquila

Direction of Festivals and Reviews:

From 1999 to 2008 he was Artistic Director of Arte Ecistica, a review of dance performances, theatre, workshops in Rome, Fregene, Fiumicino, Anguillara Sabazia, Canino.

Since 2002 he has been the Artistic Director of the Superdiverso Project with which he organizes integrated workshops, courses and shows.

She is the artistic director and founder of the Ass. Cult. D.M.A. Teatrodanza.

What will she bring to Altrefrontiere?

Time goes by, until a line of shadow looms before us, to warn that we must say farewell also to the country of youth” Joseph Conrad

Often the discovery of the ups and downs of life takes place in “journeys”. Precisely where certain boundaries become uncertain, infinite gates open up for the passage to another phase of life.
Sometimes the frontiers of life coincide with the frontiers of the sea. in the middle of the waves, in an unspecified place, without coordinates, where the infinite coincides with the nullity of everyone, in that unspecified place, many say goodbye to the country of youth. Others, without crossing the sea, have had to revise their concept of “border” and certain and crossable borders.

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